How to Write a Memoir Essay: Do Not Distract on Unnecessary Things

A memoir essay is focused on a single significant memory from the past. The essay puts forth details of that memory and explains why it’s meaningful in addition to saying how the memory has influenced your life. When you write your memoir essay, it’s important to illustrate the significance of the memory through engaging and specific details, while not distracting your reader with unnecessary things.

Here’s how to achieve a great memoir essay:

  1. Write a list of memories that are significant from your past. Try to find events that have stayed in your mind throughout the years and have a deep, personal meaning.
  2. Choose one or two of these memories to interpret and analyze further. Remember that no memory is too small to be used in a memoir essay. The trick is that you flush it out thoroughly with vivid detail.
  3. Consider how you would prefer to present your memory – in flashback, chronological order, or reverse chronological order. You might want to try each of these methods out to determine which one works best to express your particular story.
  4. Start drafting your essay. Pay special attention to your introduction. Though these kinds of essays don’t require a clear thesis statement, you do want to establish a theme and let your reader know what you will be focusing on. Imagine telling your story to someone who is sitting at your kitchen table.
  5. Be sure to use vivid descriptions for all of your main characters. Bring them to life by employing a combination of dialogue, thoughts and action. But be sure to focus on just a single event. Each detail, even character descriptions, should support the memorable event that you have chosen.
  6. Don’t leave the writer hanging or expecting more. Be sure to end your essay by making it clear to the reader why the event you described is significant in your life and how it influences your present life.

The memoir mines the past to shed some light on the present, making sense of an individual life. Remember that a memoir essay is not just a simple Q & A with yourself; it’s a rather complicated process of trying to seek answers. It’s a series of constantly questioning and answering, analyzing and interpreting experiences. If you keep this in mind and write with detail you should be able to captivate your reader rather easily.

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