A Comprehensive Tutorial On Writing A Reaction Essay

p>Writing a reaction essay involves critical reading, critical thinking, and reacting in writing. The main purpose of this assignment is to express your thoughts about a chosen book or article in a logical manner. You should identify the key ideas and purpose of the text, evaluate and analyze them, and support you own point of view with appropriate examples, explanations, and quotations. The following comprehensive tutorial consists of useful tips and suggestions on how to write a strong paper.

Suggestions on How to Compose a Strong Reaction Essay

p>There are several important suggestions that you should follow in order to prepare a well-written reaction essay:

  1. Read a chosen piece of writing carefully and note the key author’s ideas.
  2. Evaluate the work’s strengths and weaknesses and select examples to illustrate each point.
  3. Read the text for the second time and formulate your position towards the presented claims. In other words, decide whether you agree or disagree with the author.
  4. If you disagree with the provided key ideas, you should come up with possible counterarguments.
  5. Write a brief summary of the work, including the thesis statement, main supportive claims, and some vital examples.
  6. Look through your notes and organize them in a form of a detailed outline.
  7. Compose your first draft quickly.
  8. Revise your writing, ask your friends to read it and provide their comments, and make the necessary corrections.
  9. Proofread the assignment and format it according to the requirements of your instructor.
  10. Print it out and remember to submit it before the deadline.

Useful Tips on How to Write an Outstanding Academic Essay

p>Academic essay writing may seem complicated. However, there are some tips that can improve your writing skills and help you compose an outstanding reaction paper. First, you should learn the most popular paraphrasing methods, including changing the verb forms, vocabulary, and word class and synthesizing the material.

p>Second, it is important to include all the necessary elements to your essay. They are an effective opening sentence in your introduction, accurate summary of the analyzed piece of writing, your thesis idea, topic sentences in body paragraphs, various evidence, and a conclusion with a restated thesis.

p>Third, it is recommended that you provide your reaction in a single short sentence in the second paragraph. Your idea should be clear and refer to the work that you are responding to. You should ensure that you explain your observation further throughout the text.

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