20 Popular Exploratory Essay Topics You Should Investigate

There are several formats of essays but this format of write up is different from the rest of the genres. It does not focus on the single side of an issue but also judges the multiple perspective of the topic so that you can come up with ideas that can generate several ideas in the mind of different people.

It can be compared to more of a like persuasive write up which helps to show the context of the argument. On the other hand you can just think these papers as the just a way to explore certain things in your own way.

20 worthy exploratory essay ideas to investigate

  1. The authority on the child should be equal for both parents.
  2. The effects of divorce on the children last long along with all the embarrassment and negativity. How would you explore it?
  3. The effect of same sex parenting will be equivalently effective to normal usual parenting.
  4. Adoption should be taken as a good process to make a family complete.
  5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of marrying someone form a different religion?
  6. The children who have been raised by single parents have more behavioural problem.
  7. The consequence that are to be faced if someone decides to marry as a teenager.
  8. Polygamy is still prevalent in some of the faiths. What are your thoughts about it?
  9. The male chauvinistic attitude has always been the dominant section of the society. What are your views?
  10. Marriage is a step towards a big upcoming responsibility and how can on handle it with care?
  11. Why do you think that families are important and the people without it suffer a lot at their old age.
  12. What is the best family structure you can talk about and how do you define it to be the best?
  13. The cultural of joint family is better than nuclear family in many aspects. Explain.
  14. Arrange marriages have some advantage and some disadvantage in love marriages. How do you justify that?
  15. Does the difference in the belief of god affect the family status when someone marries a person from other faith?
  16. Sex before marriage is quiet a debatable topic. How do you judge it?
  17. Will it be better for a person to stay single if he/she feels it better than a married life?
  18. Which sex has the more likely chance to come up with a break up to end the relation?
  19. What are the things that make a marriage last for long?
  20. The concept of live-in is good- explain.

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