The Best Way To Start An Opinion Essay: Expert Recommendations

Many students believe that writing an opinion essay is the easiest thing to do, but this is not always true. You don’t have to make a lot of research since you only express your point of view, but you still need to pay attention to the structure of the text. The introduction is one of the most important parts of your composition; this is the first thing that your professor will read and it will influence his attitude for the rest of the text. Here is the best way to start your essay:

  • Give some information about the topic. Most of the time you have the chance to choose your own subject and you can’t expect your colleagues to know too much about it. To avoid any confusion, give details about the topic in the first lines. Make sure that you are not too explicit, you have time to do this in the body of the composition. Two or three lines with explanations are enough.
  • Don’t start with “my opinion is”. It’s obvious that you will express it in this composition, but until then you have to take other things into consideration. However, you can state in the beginning that in this text you will discuss about your perspective and how you reached to a certain idea. The readers will know what to expect and you will prepare them for the next chapters.
  • Mention what are the consequences of this issue. Let’s say that you write an essay about a social problem; it is important to state from the beginning why people have to address this problem. In this way you will make the readers more curious about your composition and they will be eager to find out what you think about this.
  • Don’t say more than you have to. In the beginning you should not mention if you agree or disagree with this thing. To make such a statement you need to have space to discuss about the arguments and ideas that got you here.
  • Keep it short. It seems like a lot to write, but you have to keep the introduction short if you want to have space for the rest of the composition. Usually, it is not recommended to write more than two paragraphs, even less if you have a strict word count.

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