Brainstorming Causal Analysis Essay Topics: 8 Helpful Suggestions

A causal analysis essay is aimed at answering the question, “Why?”. You should raise a problem or question, and answer it by providing the causes. Support your answers with enough evidence and facts. Causal essays often cover complex issues, and it may be rather difficult to find absolute answers to the proposed problems. Therefore, you should approach your topic choice seriously. When brainstorming suitable topic ideas, be sure to use the following suggestions on which area to explore.

  1. People: habits, experience, and relations.
    • What are the causes for falling in love at first sight?
    • Why do young couples usually get divorced?
    • Why do firstborn kids achieve more in their lives?
  2. Teenagers: their lives and problems.
    • Why do teenagers start smoking even if they know that it is dangerous for their health?
    • Why are teen marriages and relations short-lived?
    • Why do teenagers draw graffiti?
  3. Aging.
    • Why do elderly people live longer and more happily if they take care of their pets?
    • Why do people remember less as they get older?
    • Why do older people master technologies with more difficulty in comparison with children and young people?
  4. Physiology and science.
    • Why do we hiccup (or yawn, or snore, or stretch?)
    • What is the chemistry of love?
    • Why do we have nightmares (color dreams, black and white dreams)? Why do some people have no dreams at all?
  5. Animals.
    • Why do cats purr and knead?
    • Why do big dogs live shorter lives than little dogs?
    • Why are microbes useful?
  6. Natural phenomena.
    • Why do tides occur?
    • What are the causes of wind?
    • Why do volcanos erupt?
  7. Current events.
    • Why do people migrate to large cities, leaving their rural homes forever?
    • Why do Japanese people commit suicide more often in comparison with people of other nationalities?
    • Why do terroristic acts take place in particular countries? (pick any country of your choice)
  8. History.
    • What were the causes of the French Revolution?
    • Why were so many French words borrowed into English?
    • Why was Africa colonized?

    The choice of areas to investigate can be even wider. It is up to your imagination and creativity. Choose a field you like and know well enough, and your causal analysis essay will be a success. Remember to check if the topic of your choice has enough causes in the background. Research the issues beforehand, analyze them carefully, and create an outline. If you don’t run out of answers to your “why?” questions, your causal analysis essay will be strong and grounded.


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