How To Come Up With Interesting Descriptive Essay Topics

There is as much joy in writing pieces of interest as in planning about which interesting topic to write on. Think how you plan about a holiday in advance; often the planning is more enjoyable while the holiday turns to be a tad anticlimactic.

Remain observant

Descriptive essay topics work on the same template. You can conceive several catchy, relevant and interesting topics if you merely remain observant. Here is how and where to come up with descriptive essay topics –

  • Your immediate environment – Look at how different stuff are cooked in the fast food restaurant; look at the existent traffic conditions, keep an eye on instances of child abuse. Observe the general lifestyle of people and you get enough fodder for descriptive essay topics.
  • Your family and indoor life – Look at the convenience that the electronic appliances bring to you; observe the general trends, whether the patterns are clearly patriarchal or there is equality, analyze your relations with the siblings, observe the state of cleanliness and amiability at home. These can all be turned into elegant topics.
  • The events – Keep a track of the different events holding place; the World Cups, the G7 summit, the fashion shows; the frauds and their investigation, the spate of accidents. The newspaper brings you up with significant events and you can take the cue from there.
  • The introspection – Think about your dreams, your wishes, your love; your fears, your idol, your books; your movies, your holiday adventures. Many events of your life are worth reminiscing about and can be shaped into descriptive essays.
  • The activities – Think of the various actions that happen round the clock. Corporate offices; customer care; hotel kitchens, airline business; carpenter’s labor, doctor’s operations – they are all wonderful ideas for descriptive essays.

Here are 10 descriptive essay topics for your reference –

  1. Describe how a start-up arranges for initiation fund
  2. Take us through the most ridiculous day of your life
  3. Describe the different competitive steps taken by both USA and USSR during the Cold War
  4. Describe the immediate effects on the then investors during The Great Depression
  5. Describe the intelligent war tactics of Napoleon Bonaparte
  6. Discuss how a farmer grows cash crops, say tea; right from sowing to reaping
  7. Describe the current energy situation of Australia and their take on the Renewable Energy Target
  8. Describe the tenets of traditional architecture
  9. Explain the food and exercise regimen of a 200 m champion swimmer
  10. Describe the major disaster management procedures which came into effect after Tsunami 2004

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