Choosing An Argumentative Essay Topic To Make Your Paper Comprehensive

Why Argumentative Essays are important in writing a Paper:

Argumentative essay topics are considered a key focus while writing an academic research paper. Arguments become relevant because the human beings don’t always agree on one point. Everybody has their own point of view and understanding about different things. Argumentative essay basically lays the foundation stone of convincing someone about a certain point of view. An argumentative essay is one of its kinds which also make your research paper very comprehensive. The principles of argumentative essays are that it should touch all the aspects and its impacts created on its related issues.

What should the writer argue about?

This also means that how to intelligently choose your argumentative essay topic. Mostly, the students are given the liberty to choose the argumentative essay of their own choice. It is a great offer as students can choose the topic of their choice while still being in their comfort zone. As the argumentative essays are supposed to argue about a certain topic, therefore the writer should carefully analyze the topic if he could touch all the related aspects about the chosen topic. He should also be sure that if he could easily convince the audience and can draw a valid conclusion using his arguments.

Brainstorming about choosing the right Argumentative Essay Topic:

The most important thing in choosing the topic is to brainstorm about its pros and cons and your ability to successfully reach the conclusion. Your main objective should be to alter the opinion of the reader and convince him towards the conclusion that you intend to make. Convincing power is dependent on the knowledge you have. Following are the two critical points that you should have in mind while choosing an argumentative essay topic:

  • Try to brainstorm about topics which are not much common these days. If you choose a topic like abortion, criminal justice, capital punishment, stem cell research, etc., then your teacher might say that there has been a lot of research done on these topics and you won’t have anything new to argue about under these topics. Further, it will also become difficult to draw a valid and a unique conclusion which is critically important for an argumentative essay.
  • The second critical point is about knowing your limitations and strengths. Don’t choose a topic about which you can’t produce relevant stuff and evidence in order to prove your point. Choose a topic about which you are an expert or at least have experienced something relevant about the topic in the past.

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