Talking Business by the NY Times& The Barclays Bank Websites

‘Talking Business’ by the NY times

The New York Times business column provide general information about trending topics in the world of business.

The website provides links to many different publications that appeared on the New York Times newspaper. The information in the content is a function of newsworthy developments in the world of business. The website provides dates of publication and the response of online readers to these articles. The articles whose links are provided by the “Talking Business’ website are all objective because of the requirements of the newspaper. To access the articles, a person needs to pay a subscription service. However, five articles are provided free every month by the website at the choice of the reader

The content of the website was not intended for business readers. Though it is possible to deduce the legal requirements of doing business as well as the trending topics in terms of political developments, this website is not ideal for a person looking for investment advice or other related business advice. In terms of website quality, it is hard to dispute the authenticity of the articles whose links are provided because of the association with the New York Times. However, the presence of advertisements in the website reduces the experience of visiting it or reading the news there. The cost of subscription is also a barrier.

The Barclays Bank business website

As the name suggests, the administrator of this website is Barclays Bank. The site was created to attract internet traffic to the bank and therefore attract potential clients to the banking services provided by the bank.

The Barclays Bank website has a link to investment information provided by the bank. The information is accessible from questions about investment or the need for financing. The answers provided are general and give information bout the nature of financing provided by the bank. There is a link that can be used by a visitor in the websites to ask the Bank management questions related to investment or anything else that might be of interest. Contact information to the closest Barclays Bank branch is provided in the website to guide the visitors in case they need further guidance.

The website is professionally arranged and there are no advertisements. In addition, the ability of the visitor to ask questions or get directions to a bank where they can collect other relevant information make visiting the website a pleasant experience. However, the business orientation o the website reduces the objectivity of visiting it. All the answers are based on the services provided by the Barclays Bank.

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