Public Transport Should Be Free: 10 Great Essay Topics

The article takes a look at the validity of certain essay topics and how they have too much meat for discussion. Here are ten essay topics which ought to bring out the creative instinct in you. Let’s go through them.

  1. Should drinking age be lowered? – Now this is where most teenagers would like to have a say and so will the moral police. It is quite easy to place both arguments with equal vigor.
  2. What would happen if criminals suddenly became law-abiding citizen? – Think of the acuity criminals possess; the cool-headedness, the capacity to break rules and still find a way out. When they turn honest, there is bound to be interesting changes.
  3. The positives of monarchy as against low points of democracy – The monarchial system, especially under wise rulers had some great attributes. In the same vein, the present state of democracy comprises of red-tape and certain shady tactics. The topic merits interest.
  4. Should wealth be made a free-to-share entity like air or wind? – This is a funny argumentative essay and is likely to raise a riot of interesting takes.
  5. Has events post 9/11 curbed or fostered terrorism? – This is an analytic essay and asks for a consummate hold on the subject. This is actually a paper topic which commands worthy debate.
  6. Has the advent of technology nullified the importance of man? – Technology, surely, has meant the contraptions take the place of humans in many areas and scopes. Is the importance of Man actually affected?
  7. Your take on life on moon – Should it be a one-country planet or again a division? – Humans made a mess of this planet by creating racism, boundaries and differences. Should the take on moon be fresh and how?
  8. What factors contribute to a good movie? – Different people find different merits in movies. Let people come out with fascinating factors which make a good film. The essay will range from expository to objective to other aspects.
  9. Has the media been given too much leeway? – This essay topic may give vent to the possible ire of celebrities and notable personalities, if they handle this topic. Let’s take the fourth estate with tweezers.
  10. The houses are getting constricted – does it lead to the shrinking of mindset? – The world has largely gone nuclear. People tend to live in box houses. Has that affected the general mindset of people. The essay will bring out different perspectives.

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