A Guide On How To Write A Good Persuasive Essay For College

Writing a persuasive essay for college means you must argue your side of a case and build the strongest argument for the reader. It is good to imagine you are a lawyer and your paper is the courtroom, with the reader playing the part of the jury. Your goal in writing the paper is to vote for or against an issue and win over your reader.

You need to ensure you:

  • Conduct good research
  • Are aware of any biases the reader may have
  • Present a solid understanding of both sides of the case

A great persuasive essay presents why your opinion is the correct why, and why the opposing opinion is incorrect.

Examples of persuasive writing are found in all areas of life including newspaper editorial pieces, advertising, political speeches, and blogs. One of the most common persuasive test prompts or assignments revolve around a contemporary issue such as: “The university board of directors is debating whether to ban the use of cell phones in class. Write an essay convincing the board of directors to adopt your position in the matter”. As you can see in this prompt, the purpose of the writing prompt is not just to inform the reader about the issue at hand (cell phone use in class) but to also convince them to think about the issue a certain way (your way). v

When you are writing a persuasive essay, you should begin with pre-writing. This is an incredibly important and yet overlooked aspect of the persuasive essay. During this phase, you should choose your position. Think about the issue at hand and then pick whichever side you want to advocate. Some students pick the side that they feel they can most easily argue while others pick the least popular side in order to force them to stand out against the rest of the writers. During this phase it is important that you understand the audience. You need to know whether the reader will be inclined to favor one side over the other or not.

As you start to write, remember that the persuasive essay is built on convincing evidence so you will need to use more than one source as you write your essay. If you have time enough, visit your library and talk to the librarian about any recommendations. Make sure you read and take adequate notes.

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