How to write a good essay: choosing a strong topic

A topic is what your paper is all about. Choosing a strong topic can make your paper worth the reader’s time. Generally speaking the first idea you think of for your topic will be too broad. You will need to narrow it down from there to something much more manageable based on the page length and requires of your assignment.

Writing a good essay comes much more easily once you have a strong topic. A “strong” topic is not only one that you can defend with data but one about which you are passionate. If you have a passion for water development in Africa then it will show in your writing. But if you choose a topic about labor divisions in China while your heart still clings to water issues in Africa it will show that you are not as interested. The writing won’t pop or grab the audience from the start.

So make sure that you choose a strong topic that you have a passion for and that you can easily defend.

  • Once you have a strong topic you will be able to write faster because you have knowledge on the subject already and you will reduce your research time because of the same reason. As you sit down to write remember that time-management and a private study nook are both essential in order to study effectively.
  • This study space should be used solely for studying and uniquely yours. Silence isn’t required in order to study effectively; in fact, it all depends on the person and their environment. Many people feel that it’s easier to stay focused with soft music playing while others prefer a place that offers periodic distractions, like a library.
  • Many people decide to study in the comfort of their own home for many reasons. Some people feel there are too many distractions in the home, none of which are conducive to a studying environment. A campus may offer designated areas that will allow you the privacy that you need. After all, if you cannot focus, you certainly cannot anticipate understanding very well.
  • Once you find your study space, create the environment that best suits your personality. In order to study effectively, you may need to eliminate things that may prevent you from getting your studies done. A person’s attention span and attitude will become an important part of studying attentively.

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