Learn How to Write a Narrative Essay about Modern Technologies

Everyone and everything has a story that needs to be told and only that person or thing can tell it. That is the whole point of a narrative essay. This type of essay comes from the personal experiences of the writer and quite often is anecdotal in nature. The writer is the narrator, giving the information in sort of a story form, with a beginning, middle, and end. So, if there is a story to be told, organization is key to being successful. Following are tips for writing a narrative essay:

  • As with any other essay writing, you must first select your topic, or thesis. Essays are typically fairly short, and are confined to one idea or topic. You should choose a topic with special meaning, using prompts around certain, important events in your life, such as one that changed your life in a very specific way. You should never be afraid to write about a topic that you feel very fervent about- this will be apparent to your readers. Whatever topic you choose, make sure that you choose one idea, rather than bouncing around from one to the other.

  • Next, you will get your thoughts organized for the sake of simplifying your writing. Since you’ll be writing the narrative essay in first person, it can be easy to get lost in the details. However, in order for your essay to be effective, your aim should be to be straight to the point, not muddling along in your main topic. Decide what information is necessary and what can be left out. Only include the necessary.

  • When writing a narrative you should pay attention to your outline and structure- since the narrative is meant to tell a story, all the story elements must be present. One of the best ways to achieve this is to make an outline. The beginning of your essay will establish your main idea, the middle will illustrate your idea through a certain event, which will have a climax that will flow right into the conclusion, bringing the reader some insight into how you reached your main idea.

  • As the writer, you are using the narrative essay to pull the reader into your world. You can use your creative license to paint a picture using your words. Instead of describing things abstractly, you will use more concrete language to describe them. Help them to see what you are talking about with the words that you choose, or feel the emotions rather than just reading about them. You use your words to pull the reader in and help them to see and experience things through your eyes.

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