Where To Find Unusual Middle School Essay Topics

One of the problems facing middle school students in writing essays is the fact that they are usually writing on fairly simple topics. These simple topics have been written about again and again, so finding an unusual topic to write about can be difficult. However, there are some great strategies that one can use as a middle school student to write an original essay.

  1. Narrow the topic down.
  2. Many middle school topics aren’t original because they’re so broad in scope. Middle school teachers allow this because middle schoolers are generally pretty new at writing essays. However, if a student is determined to write something original, narrowing down their topic can help a great deal. Instead of writing about, for example, “The South in the Civil War,” they might write about “The Role of Southern Women in the Civil War.” This is a much more original topic than the first idea, mainly because it is more specific. Students can also write about individual people, but instead of writing an overview of a historical person’s life, they can write about one particular event in their life, what led up to it, and the effects it had on the rest of their life.

  3. Find a topic that relates to a current event.
  4. This is one of the easier ways to come up with an unusual topic for a middle school essay, because if the student is writing about an event that’s happened only in the past few days or weeks, there hasn’t been as much written about it as there has been about older events. The evening news, the newspaper, and news websites can provide the student with lots of information for an essay topic that’s unique.

  5. Choose a unique perspective on an old topic.
  6. Another way to freshen up a stale topic is to choose a unique perspective, an unpopular opinion, or an unusual stance on the topic. By choosing a different stance than the one usually written about, the student will need to find original sources to corroborate their ideas. These unique sources can go a long way toward making what might otherwise be a stale topic a fresh, lively one. It also demonstrates to the instructor that the student is willing to research in a sophisticated way and will undoubtedly result in the student receiving a good grade on their paper.

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