Unexpected topics for an informative essay to consider

An informative essay really depends upon the topic you choose. It is the first impression of your paper and must be strong enough to hold the attention of the reader. These essays require a specific approach and should not at all be subjective. This does not mean that the writer cannot write about his passions, it only means that while writing you should avoid any subjectivity and stay as objective as possible. Most students feel afraid to write an informative essay because they have no clue to where to start. This makes things even easier.

It is always easy to write on a blank paper. If you have a blank mind about the topic of your informative essay, you can consider many options. Below are different approaches you can follow for an informative essay topic. With each approach, a topic is listed for your help. This will help you understand how to choose your topic for the informative essay.

Talk about your interests

It is always easy to keep the reader hooked if you are passionate about your subject. You can discuss your hobbies, interests, likes, and passion in the essay. This will trigger many ideas and you can always refine them. However, make sure to stay objective and do not let your emotions influence your work.

Example topic: What is the best musical instrument to learn and why?

Ask a question

This is a simple approach for choosing a topic for your informative essay. All you have to do is ask a question in your essay prompt and answer it in the rest of your essay. You can also provide different answers and explain which one of them is the best.

Example topic: How can we protect endangered species from getting extinct? Is it our social and ethical responsibility to do so?

Cause and effect topics

It is one of the easiest approaches to choosing a topic. You can either include a cause in your prompt and discuss its effects in the rest of the essay, or give an effect in the prompt and show its causes in your essay. Both approaches are equally valid.

Example topic 1: Can parental rivalry cause behavioral problems in children? Give examples to support your stance.

Example topic 2: Injustice leads to evil, explain with supporting arguments.

Problem solving

Example topic: What is the ideal solution to ever-increasing poverty in most of the developing countries? Can a solution eradicate poverty and suffering from the world?


Example topic: Earwigs can enter human brain, is it a myth or a mystery?

New and old

Example topic: Discuss the evolution of pop culture in the Europe and United Kingdom. Do entertainment mediums shape our values and thinking?

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