What are the best cause and effect essay topics for college

A cause and effect essay is an essay that focuses on the causes of an event or situation or the effects of an event. If you are in college you might consider writing about the cause or effect of:

  • Addiction
  • Dying social skills
  • Binge drinking on campus
  • Global warming
  • Democratic elections
  • Heat waves
  • Technological advances
  • Drug trials
  • Legislation changes
  • Career changes
  • Effective child rearing

Writing is usually not loved very much by people. In fact, many students detest writing essays, dissertations and research papers. It usually takes a lot of persuasion where you convince a person that you have an interesting and well researched point of view that you want to highlight. Every person uses persuasion always in his life. For instance, it occurs when you persuade your room mate to clean the room or when you convince your dad to let you use his car. In campus, this persuasion must be done in writing, quoting relevant authorities such as other researchers on the point you are making. There are many types of these arguments. One of them is called academic argument. A person should follow a particular format that has been developed by the school they are in. The first part is usually an introduction. After the introduction, you will go straight to elucidate the points that you are making. The statement that you make is called thesis statement. Its aim is to summarize the argument which you will write about in the remaining part of the paper.

A thesis statement:

  • It explains to the reader the best way to interpret the importance of the matter being addressed in the essay.
  • It gives direction as to what should be expected from the rest part of the paper. Simply said, it provides a roadmap for the paper.
  • It provides clear answers on the questions which you have asked. It interprets the question and not the subject topic entirely.
  • It provides an argument that many people might dispute.
  • In many cases, it is usually one sentence present in your first paragraph. It presents the original argument to the reader. After this, the rest of the paper will focus on explaining in details what the statement means. It will include citations and resources that have been proven beyond reasonable doubt.

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