7 Tips To Help You Compose An Outstanding Prejudice Definition Essay

Each one of us is riddled with prejudices; yes, they are of different nature as defined by our education, environment and lifestyle. Some people have deep-seated prejudices which are known by a proper name of superstition.

Logical prejudice

There are some prejudices which actually have a sense of logic behind them. For instance, ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’ did have acute sense for earlier generations. However, the present has precluded that from their system and put a stop to corporal punishment in school.

Certain considerations

While writing a prejudice definition essay, you should keep certain things in mind to make it outstanding. Here they come –

  • Be connected with the prejudice – It is best to choose a prejudiced essay topic which you are rather connected with and have lived all your life believing in it or avoiding it.
  • Understand the designs – Understand the impact the prejudice has on general lives; how many avenues it touches and where it renders it ineffective.
  • Be ready with examples – You should prepare astonishing examples in favor or against the prejudice. This naturally lends a decisive edge to your essay.
  • Be impartial – You should not be ridden by any prejudice. You should hold the essay straight from the cleaners; without any clouded vision.
  • Write objectively – The piece should be objectively written; preferably in first or second person. You should also take care of the writing style.
  • Use logic – Try not to fill the essay with opinions. Derive logic wherever possible; it is the way to go.
  • An apt conclusion – You should conclude definitively whether you support the prejudice or not. Also, you should show the readers plausible solution towards getting rid of the topic if you do not support it.

Here are 10 prejudice definition essays for your convenience –

  1. Should males earn and women cater to make homes?
  2. Should students be allowed again to thrash students to set them right?
  3. Are Africans divined to be better bodied than Europeans?
  4. What is the reason behind seeing left-handers in a different light (left is called sinistra in Latin from where the word sinister has emerged)?
  5. Have prejudices led to objectification of women?
  6. Does homework actually make students more disciplined?
  7. Are there actually cases of lucky and unlucky pets?
  8. Why is it not right to keep sharper objects on your official desk?
  9. Why do poor households actually produce far more criminals?
  10. Why Indians are still identified with the rope trick?

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