Composing A Great Cause And Effect Essay On Pollution

A cause and effect essay is most probably the easiest type that there is. It simple and does not require too much analytical skill or creativity. Make it simple and to the point so that readers can understand what you are trying to say. Now when you write it on pollution you have quite different avenues to explore. Someone might write on specific cause and effects on one type of pollution while others may write on pollution in general.

If you want to write a good cause and effect essay on pollution you will have to write brief introduction on pollution. Next to highlight the specific type of pollution you will be working on, write a little definition about it.

  • Here are some of the types of pollutions you can write on:
    • Air pollution
    • Water pollution
    • Radioactive pollution
    • Land or soil pollution
  • Cause of pollution
  • Once you have defined the type of pollution you are going to write on start by explaining how it is caused. You will have to list the different human activities that have caused the pollution levels to increase to such height. Explain how we as human beings have been negligent in our role towards nature and environment. Do a lot of research to find out the various reasons that creates it. You will see most of the pollution is interlinked and polluting the air someway leads to pollution of water bodies. Do not delve too deep into the indirect links but concentrate more on the more established and prominent reasons.

  • Effect of pollution
  • After you have explained what causes the specific sort of pollution you are writing about, move on to the effects. Here you will have to cite examples how the pollution have destroyed nature. You will get a lot of examples to express your point. Refer to natural calamities and disasters to indicate the effects of pollution. Bring to your reader’s attention how soil pollution has led to landslides and flooding. Mention how air pollution causes breathing trouble among kids. How water pollution has poison the drinking water and killed people through diseases.

    Sum up all the important points in your essay in your conclusion. Make it strong so that it leaves an impression on the readers mind. You can end it with your own recommendations based on your findings. But since it is an obvious topic you can also end the essay by asking what the reader will do to stop pollution.

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