What are the best argument essay topics in religion?

Religion is the source for multi-cultural faith and practices. World has a wide range of people who are atheists, agnostic, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Jews, Jains, etc. We worship Gods in various forms and address him in various names. Although religion may have different takes on theological concepts, there is more similarity in what these religions preach than any dissimilarity. All religions vouch for personal worth, non-discrimination, dignity, democracy, freedom, prayer, victory over evil, truth and education to get rid of inner voices and become a refined human being in life.

We may address God in various names but the supreme power stands for justice and peace which is common with all religious preaching. Religion teaches us to observe resilience and patience while dealing with regular problems along with a strong faith in the natural justice and victory of good over evil. Though religion may have different perspectives on following the right path but by all means it supports the path which leads us closer to God and our Ultimate Truth of evolution.

Humanity has evolved due to religion which is a sole guiding light in the mundane world shrouded with uncertainty, disbelief and tribulations. It provides hope when it is least expected by us in life. It supports the resurrection of hope and good will over pain and agony met out to the mankind. But off late religion has also become an object of debate and varied interpretation which has made many people to reflect their own perspective and interpretations on its core values and faith. Unlike other argumentative topics, a discussion and debate on religion often provokes mixed sentiments that may be a cause of concern for the people who are strongly rooted in the religious activities and have a strong belief system based on their respective religion. Therefore restraint must be observed when dealing with controversial aspects of religious beliefs which may otherwise lead to disharmony and fragmentation in the society.

Some topics on religion are listed below which make great content for an essay:

  1. Atheism: A strong belief based on non-existence of belief?
  2. Religion in school education: Is it important to unfold this chapter?
  3. Medical treatment or miracle through prayer and healing
  4. Religious conversion: Any rationality behind switching beliefs?
  5. Should Men be on the lead and women behind the veil?
  6. One God different names: Unification of all faiths
  7. Ostracism: Against the religion of humanity?
  8. Occult sciences: Myth or reality?

There are many more religious topics which make great content for an argumentative topic but these topics must be handled sensitively as it may hurt many religious sentiments of people all around the world.

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