How To Select Interesting Definition Essay Topics For College

What is a definition essay?

The definition essay is one that states the true meaning of an abstract word. This particular type of writing will provide a definition of the subject matter that is generic. This type of research paper will even provide facts on the topic that are attention grabbing and intriguing. Also, with the definition term paper it is always good to give the contrast meaning of the selected word. With this type of writing, the student can give their meaning of the chosen subject matter.

How to properly write a definition term paper?

  • The term paper should have an introduction, body and conclusion.
  • The Introduction to the writing must contain true meaning of the chosen word.
  • The student should also provide the contrast meaning or opposite meaning of the subject matter in the Introduction.
  • The Introduction will include the thesis question and the student’s definition of the topic.
  • The Body of the essay will consist of a few main points that reflect the student’s interpretation of the word’s definition.
  • Each main point has to be supported by facts and evidence.
  • Must ensure that each point is discussed in a separate paragraph.
  • The conclusion gives a general overview of the main points.
  • The student should state in the conclusion how the subject’s definition has affected your life personally.
  • The Introduction and Conclusion should have a sentence that grabs the reader’s attention and keeps it to the very end.

The definition essay can be very difficult to write because the meaning of the chosen word must be lengthy and thorough. The definition that the student describes for the chosen word has to be academic in nature. The word chosen as the topic must be one that you can write a lot on.

Some interesting words to use in a definition essay:

  • Feminism is a good word to write about in a research paper because of the many subtopics that can be discussed.
  • Communism is a good subject for a term paper because it can be defined in several different ways.
  • Leadership is another abstract term that can be written about.
  • Motherhood is another good term to write about because it has different meanings to different individuals.
  • Maturity would be good to discuss in a definition essay because it has different levels of meaning.
  • Another good subject matter to discuss is freedom because this word has different meanings based on the circumstances.

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