Looking for a Sample Analytical Essay: Effective Tips for Students

Learning the examples of analytical essays written by other people is better than by your own mistakes. You may be concerned about whether it is possible to get high-quality and relevant samples for free. Some students are afraid they will have to spend lots of time looking for such examples. However, it is not true. Here are a few tips to help you discover good analytical essay samples in no time without much effort.

Online Search

  • Begin with the official website of your school and college – it may have excellent samples developed and uploaded by instructors to assist students who are new to writing this kind of paper.
  • To make your search engine look for exactly the kind of samples you need, put double quotation marks around your query: “analytical essay sample.”
  • Specify the academic level you need, e. g. high school or college.
  • Specify the particular kind of analytical essay you are looking for – whether it is a literary analysis or a process analysis essay.
  • If you already have your topic, look for exemplary essays on the same subject, e. g. a literary analysis essay sample on Erich Maria Remark’s Three Comrades.
  • If your search yielded no results, eliminate the quotation marks or part of your search words.
  • Use a combination of words inside and outside quotation marks – for example, “process analysis essay” inside the double quotes and “sample” outside.
  • Try each search query with the word “sample,” then with the word “example” – it will boost your chances to discover relevant essay examples, as most websites use only one of these terms.
  • First, open the links to websites that look the most credible – those that belong to universities, colleges, or academic writing labs.
  • Do not waste money on any paid essay samples – you can discover lots of free ones of comparable qualities.

Offline Search

  • Ask your tutor for a look at the analysis essays submitted in past years that he or she has on file.
  • Browse your academic library for a handbook on analytical writing – any of them is a valuable source of excellent essay examples and tips.
  • Look for general essay writing handbooks – most of them also contain examples of analytical essays.
  • Visit your local library and look for essay writing handbooks there.
  • Take notes on the physical essay samples you obtain (it is a safer way, as you may not be allowed to take a photo of the text on your cell phone camera).

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