Creating an Impressive Conclusion for a College Essay

What do you think college admissions officers will be looking for when they read your college essay? A list of your accomplishments? Your favorite volunteer activity? What it felt like to play on an academic decathlon team that made the state finals? Chances are they aren’t looking to read about any of these things. Not that these aren’t great accomplishments, but because there will likely be dozens of other students who write about similar things and you aren’t interested in yet another generic college essay.

There are several factors that make college essays great – and one of them is writing an impressive conclusion. Here are some tips to help you create an impressive conclusion:

  • Bring Your Essay Full Circle:
  • Most of your college essay is likely showing something that happened in the past. In your conclusion, it is time to bring your reader back to the present by linking back to the beginning of your story. Bringing a reader back to the present is an incredible skill that demonstrates your writing ability.

  • End in an Action:
  • It’s a good idea to bring your essay to a close just as you reach a key moment in your writing. Think of the fade-to-black moment in films or the end of well-written chapter in a suspense novel. It’s true that in other types of writing you don’t want to leave your reader hanging but your college essay is a chance to have a little fun. Leave your reader wanting more and your admissions officer will think about you long after he or she has finished reading your essay.

  • Be Idealistic and a Dreamer:
  • Don’t be afraid to end your college essay with a little “kicker” statement. Declare your dreams and goals. After all, you the whole point of the essay is to show that you are ready to take the next step in your education in order to get closer to your full potential. Find a creative way to connect your essay topic with your future plans. Now is the time to be a daring and reach for the stars.

What makes a college essay great is that it gives you the opportunity to set yourself apart splendidly from hundreds of other applicants. But to do so, you need to your personality shine. Assuming that you’ve written a great essay, the conclusion will be the last thing an admissions officer will read, so be sure to put in the extra effort to impress.

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