Essay Writing Secrets: Coming Up With An Original Topic

To actively try and find an original topic is an effort that even the best essay writers have to go through. It’s the most common part of any writing process for all writers, but there are many ways to come with an original topic.

Developing the idea is a constant process. It’s more concentrated at the beginning and the development tends to slows down as the student goes through writing the paper, but the development is consistent from beginning to the end. Students might discover something right up to the time it’s due, which is one of the secrets of working with the paper that many aren’t aware of. To get there, here are some of those secrets that writers hold on how to come up with an original topic.

Just Start Writing

Proficient writers are familiar with a warm up process when they first begin to write. It’s part of their daily ritual where they will sit and write whatever comes to mind for the first twenty minutes of the day. This helps them build up momentum and ideas begin to pour out onto the page.

Because this kind of writing is very on the moment and spontaneous, there are plenty of opportunities presenting themselves to grab some topic original topic ideas from there. For instance, when a writer is writing, whatever thought process they’re going through generates those ideas.

On the other hand by reviewing their writing afterwards they’re able to get original topic ideas from this. It would also save them the trouble of having to build an outline since they’ve essentially created one using this writing process.

Research First

Many students think that by starting to read the material they’re writing about that they can get to the core of their original topic. The problem with this is that the reading will keep the mind too busy to focus on the topic itself. Yes, the reading part is a very important part of the essay writing process but, it’s more important to feed the perspective of the writer with straightforward research of different material, which takes a lot of skipping around. This way it’s more:

  • Stimulating
  • Engaging
  • Specific

Verifying the information later is also part of the research but that can happen after the research is done. It’s also a lot easier by then. But the research allows the writer to move around and be more flexible, which gives their thinking process more room.

The Importance Of Immediacy

When a student is assigned an essay, they’re often given a lot of time to work on it. The reason for this is to make a reasonable demand around the student’s hectic life schedule but to also give them the opportunity to find something of interest that they want to write about.

To find this topic faster, it’s best that the student begin to work on the essay as soon as they’re assigned it. That way they’re already training themselves to actively be searching for ideas. Until the paper is due, the student should be in that mode, which is one of the best kept secrets of finding an original topic for an essay paper.

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