Writing a Quality Long Essay About Pollution: a Step-by-Step Tutorial

School instructors often assign long essays about pollution to their students. If you want to prepare a high-quality project, you should learn what basic steps will help you save time and effort. The following step-by-step tutorial contains all the necessary guidelines for students who are working on their essays:

  1. Select an interesting topic.
  2. Environmental pollution is a wide study area, so you should narrow down the topic and select the idea that you would like to study deeply. It’s advisable to write about something that influenced you personally. For instance, you can write about an ecological disaster that affected the area where you used to live. You can find some great topics in the newspapers and scholarly articles.

  3. Decide what type of essay you will work on.
  4. The most popular types of essay about pollution are descriptive, narrative, argumentative, and persuasive. For example, if you want to tell a story about how acid rains damaged the nearest forest, you might decide to write a narrative essay. If you have an amazing idea about how green technologies can lower air pollution, you can compose an argumentative paper.

  5. Develop a thesis statement and create an essay outline.
  6. You should ask a study question and the answer will be your thesis statement. Your work should provide all the necessary details, examples, and facts to prove your main idea and present it to the readers in a clear manner. A list of key points that will support the thesis will make a paper outline. It’s recommended to complete the outline before you start the writing itself.

  7. Write the main elements of the assignment.
  8. No matter what your topic is, you should write an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. If your paper is very long, your instructor might ask you to compose a brief abstract. Remember to cite the sources according to the requirements given by your teacher and include all of them into a list of works cited after the text. You should also find out whether you need to add a cover page before you submit your paper.

  9. Revise, edit and proofread the assignment.
  10. Writing about pollution isn’t easy. Usually, students add various statistical data, analyze complicated relationships, and provide an expert’s opinion. So, never submit a first draft. You should spend some time revising the paper. The essay should be written in a clear manner. Keep in mind that grammar and spelling mistakes will lower your grade, so you should proofread the text.

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