Child Abortion in the United States

Abortions have existed for centuries, and throughout their long history they were surrounded by controversy. A great number of health, moral, social and ethics issues are raised when talking about abortions. Though, the fact that no matter what policies regarding pregnancy terminations are in effect abortions still exist proves that no ethical or moral arguments can make people stop resorting to them.

As a medical procedure, abortion is associated with a certain amount of risk. Regardless of how better technology becomes, there is a chance that a woman will suffer extensive damage to her reproductive system and will be unable to bear children in the future. Abortion can also result in a number of health-related issues including internal scars, bleeding, infections and hormonal imbalance. All of those can be dangerous, especially if they are not treated immediately. As many young girls resort to undergoing this potentially dangerous procedure outside of a specialized health care facility, the risks associated with it increase exponentially. Psychological effects of abortion also need to be considered. It can lead to depression that can be rather severe and will also require professional treatment. If the psychological issues that occur due to this procedure are not addressed in a timely fashion, the patient’s personality and mind can be affected permanently, especially if these issues are caused by the fact that the woman lost her ability to bear children. Though dangerous in theory, this procedure can be almost 100% safe when performed by qualified professionals who have access to the patient’s medical history. Therefore, one can only use health risks as an argument against abortions when speaking of illegal treatment.

The act of pregnancy termination is actively scorned by religious people as they usually believe that life begins at the moment of conception. Thus, they see abortion as murder. Those who prefer the more practical approach, claim that every person has a right to choose whether they want to terminate the pregnancy. Ethics and morality can be discussed for hours, and there will be no winner in this debate as these issues depend on personal perception and beliefs. However, there are certain factors that must be taken into account. One of them is when a mother is informed by her doctor that the fetus is unhealthy and will be condemned to a life of disability. The other relates to women who choose abortions after being assaulted. Should a child conceived in such a vile act as rape be born if the mother will never be able to look past the circumstances of the conception? Humans are not perfect and this must be considered even by those who claim pregnancy termination is immoral.

The controversy around abortion has existed for centuries and it will remain for many more as there are too many personal opinions involved in debating this issue.

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