A Guide To Expository Essay Writing: 5 Basic Rules

Expository essay writing includes choosing a good idea, providing clear detail, investigation and thorough explaining. From these actions you will develop an argument your paper is based on. The details you provide will help provide prove of your claim. There are a few important points to remember to make the writing process easier for you. Here are 5 rules to think about as you complete your essay assignment.

  1. Choose a good topic you can write about in relation to the format you decide to choose. This includes deciding if your essay will be comparison, problem and solution, cause and effect, or definition. When you have an idea of what you want to write about, it makes it easier to choose the format for the essay paper. The right topic will make writing easier for you no matter which format you choose. The topic idea should meet guidelines for your project.
  2. Have a strong introductory paragraph with a clearly defined topic sentence. The introduction paragraph catches readers eyes first. The topic sentence is the first sentence and it helps readers learn what the subject is about. The paragraph introduces readers to the concept of your paper. In other words your main idea and reason why the paper is written should be stated clearly. Your thesis statement is mentioned here along with background details for your subject.
  3. Write the essay from your perspective (second person). You are providing information as if you are having a conversation with someone. Keep this in mind as you write your paper. This element is what makes an expository paper stand out from other forms of academic writing.
  4. Define good details necessary for a strong conclusion. The conclusion is a section students struggle to write but it can be an essay paragraph to put together. Mention supporting points from previous paragraphs and restate your thesis. Present this information in a way people need to know about. They should know why such details are important and what they should take from your paper.
  5. Have an essay outline with strong developmental details including supporting evidence. An outline helps you write your paper and organize content. The outline will include notes and talking points you want to discuss in your paper. Your supporting evidence will help you build your case.

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