Education and Society

Education and society are interacting more than they ever have before in the past. With so many negative things being reported on students, schools, and teachers, it is nice to know that these three arenas can work together to improve a community and eventually improve our society. Students now must serve community service hours in most schools, community leaders speak and visit at schools, and high school internships during the upper high school years are becoming the latest rage.

Most schools now require a certain amount of community service to be served by the students during each year of high school. The schools like for students to work these hours in their community, so they can impact their personal society for the better. It is a good feeling to make a positive change in the community and the society that you live in and move about in every single day of your life. To make a local church, temple, business, charity, or similar organization your community service project only makes sense for everyone involved.

Many schools have a weekly or a monthly speaker visit their school. The schools like to invite local successful professionals to speak to the children. Artists, engineers, painters, government officials, policemen, lawyers, doctors, and other professional can speak to students about their careers. These men and women are acting as positive role models and gladly give up their time to better society. It is impactful to see in your community a person who has done well and then to listen to that speaker talk about his or her career. They can explain what route they took to accomplish their professional goals. Society and your community interact with your school and create a very good thing.

Many schools now have internship programs. These programs absolutely better everyone involved in them. Students in a pre-law programs, pre-medicine programs, pre-engineering programs, or other similar programs could go to work once a week as an intern. The business benefits from having the student, the student gains valuable experience, and society and local community are improved for the better.

Often papers report on just the bad things that happen with kids and with schools. Society and schools are impacted in a positive way every single day. The two groups mingle and work together to improve each of them, as well as the general and immediate community and overall society.

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