List Of Top 12 Most Interesting Essay Topics On Biology

If you are a student of biology and you need to write an essay on any interesting topic, you can simply go online to find suggestions from top experts. Or else, if you are too lazy to do a web search, here you can see twelve topic suggestions handpicked for you. Bear in mind that these are just broad topics, which means you can easily make your own topic from these suggestions.

  1. Obesity: You can explore the genetic factors that contribute to obesity and propose ways to prevent obesity across all the future generations of an obese person.
  2. Abortions and impacts on pregnancy: Analyse how abortion affects future pregnancies.
  3. Homosexuality: This is perhaps the most interesting thesis topic at this moment. You can explore the genetic factors that make people homosexual or heterosexual.
  4. Bio weapons: Analyse the threats of biological weapons.
  5. Alternative medicines: Discuss the scientific evidences that show the effects of herbs vis-à-vis modern medicines.
  6. Vaccines: Discuss relations between autism in kids and vaccines
  7. Vasectomy: Effects and side effects of the surgical process
  8. Cancer: Analyse the natural factors that contribute to cancerous growth. Discuss our habits that largely contribute to cancer cell growth as well.
  9. Genetic illnesses: Some diseases are carried forward across generations. Analyze how genetic diseases can be stopped.
  10. Meningitis: There are many topics to write on this mysterious disease
  11. Nanotechnology: Show how nanotechnology has changed the world of biology and medical science
  12. Supplements: Discuss the good effects and side effects of food supplements.

Find samples online

If you think you cannot write a biology essay on your own even if you are told the topic, you can go online to check the samples. The online world is full of samples that can be used as points of reference. You can directly draw title ideas or you can mix different topics to write on a completely new topic.

Still if you are not sure whether you can write it on your own, you can go visit the website of some academic agency and draw your inspirations from there. You can also seek professional help by visiting the academic writing agency websites. These days, many different academic writing agencies offer great professional help to students of biology at both college and university levels. However, you should check the credentials of an academic writing agency before hiring them.

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