10 WW2 Essay Topics That Were Not Discussed Before  

Every college or university student is required to write a research paper during the academic career. As with the norm, the course instructors may provide a student with a subject and ask them to select a topic of their choice and discuss it in the essay. Your course tutor may ask you to write about World War II as an assignment. This is an extremely broad subject, and it can be difficult to narrow down to a specific topic for your essay. The truth is that they are many topics you can base your essay on. 

Some scholars focus on how and when the events took place during World War 2. Alternatively, they are others that solely focus on the timeline before and after WW2 happenings. In the same way, students can also select topics on World War 2 based on tactical strategies that led to important developments or historical changes. There were a lot of events that happened during World War 2 including battles, operations, vast campaigns as well as crucial raids like Stalingrad, Blitzkrieg plan, Kursk and Doolittle’s raid. All these events affected the course of the war. A student can concentrate on these topics when writing a research paper on World War II. 

The best way to come up with topics on World War 2 is through brainstorming and writing down a list of phrases, words or related questions. Students can base their essay topics about World War 2 by relating to the battled techniques employed during the war, or the weapons used – such as naval weapons, land weapons, and air weapons. Similarly, the topic can be based on heroes, leaders, admirals and generals who greatly influenced the series of events that took place during the war. Moreover, WW2 topics can include information on military intelligence – that is, how soldiers used analytical intelligence and scientific technologies to attain victory. Here are several potential topics that you can discuss in your World War II essay: 

  1. When did the United States of America join the WW2?
  2. Which Historic Cities and Sites Destroyed during the World War 2?
  3. How Did Mediums of Communication like Radio influence major Events?
  4. Did World War 2 Have any Impact on Domestic Violence?
  5. What was the Impact of WWII on the Economy of Countries that Participated?
  6. What were the Major Causes of WWII?
  7. The Effect of Food Rationing During World War II.
  8. How Military Intelligence Impacted WW2.
  9. Did World War 2 lead to the Emergence of New Vocabulary?
  10. Did World War II Give Rise to Any Medical Developments? 

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