Autism is a development disorder that is characterized as one that causes inability of an individual to realistically understand the environment and society. The disorder is discovered in early childhood, in most cases by the age of 30 months. Moreover, male children are diagnosed with autism 4 times more often than female. A child has troubles with integration with the society, both the children of his/her age and older people, e.g. parents and grandparents and shows the different perception of the world, comparing to children of the same age.

Other symptoms of autism can also include actions that can be easily noticed by the parents of the child. A child can spend a lot of hours doing the same repetitive simple action, refusing to do something else for a change. Moreover, the refusal can be quite emotional and completed by anger. To this symptom also relates repeating of the same, sound, word or sentence for a log period of time.

Children can become over sensitive to sounds and touches, sounds that are considered normal by most of the people will evoke deep irritation by autistic people. Such symptoms are strictly individual, it is hard to determine which sound exactly influences the people with this disorder at most. Though after some time it is possible to eliminate the irritating sounds for one individual. On the contrary, mild repetitive sounds can calm a person with autism in the anger phase.

Autism are often related with speech and language disorders, though it is not true in most cases. What is considered a disorder of speech will most likely turn out an unwillingness of an autistic child to be engaged into a conversation. People with autism have a different perception of world and society, they often do not understand the necessity of such common for people things as “small talk” and even asking about the well-being of a person. They talk to other people only if there is a need to and do not want to spend time on things that do not matter in a conversation, causing the thoughts about speech disorder.

After all, autism cannot be considered a sever illness, it is more of a different understanding of what is so common to us. The treating of autistic children is usually the tries to make them more like the rest of the society and engage them in the society. The key in communicating with a person with autism is to understand that he/she is slightly different and needs to be understood and treated differently than others.

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