Essay editing guidelines: How to avoid wasting time

Editing your essay shouldn’t be something you spend too much time doing. It’s more beneficial to focus time on your content so that less editing is needed when you’re finished. To further increase the speed of editing, we’ve laid out some other guidelines for you to follow; but first, remember to...

...focus more time on your writing

When you invest a little more time creating your content, you end up saving double that amount of time when it’s time to edit. That’s because you’re more careful to put words down accurately. Slowing down will help you detect errors during the writing process, so that you don’t have to worry about it afterwards. But you can also further speed up your editing by...

...using copy and paste to your advantage

There are lots of great editing programs on the web where you can paste in your text and detect syntax errors. If you find one that you like, consider buying the full version so that you can check your larger assignments too. Speaking of software programs, did you know that you can also...

...let another voice do the reading for you

Text reading software is a brilliant way to hear your essay being read out loud in order to detect errors. Lots of these programs do additional error detection for you, but if something doesn’t sound right, you’re sure to find it easier if you hear it being read. But if you don’t have the benefit of using software for your editing, you may want to consider...

...going backwards in order to go forward

A proofreading tactic used by professional editors involves a reverse motion method of scanning content. This is used to detect spelling mistakes, missing words, or repeated words. Simply let your eyes flow from left to right through each sentence without actually reading the text. You’ll find mistakes three times faster than you would if you simply proofread the text normally. But why do this alone when you can partake in... editing

If you have a study group (and you should), rotate your homework essays between each other and let each person edit someone else’s paper. The reason this is so effective is because fresh eyes will work a lot quicker than tired ones. Simply write your essay, pack it away, and give it to a study partner the next day.

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