A List of the Best Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive essays are similar to argument essays. But the subjects allow for them to be a little gentler and kinder, making them to a lot more fun to write. While argument essays require you to discuss an opposing point of view, persuasive essays are attempts to convince your audience of a side of an issue.

Here are eight ideas for persuasive essays to help you have little fun and enjoy your writing:

Teenagers should be monetarily rewarded for good grades. Getting good grades and doing well in school can certainly prepare one for the professional world. Having monetary rewards encourages and reinforces working hard.

We need more women in politics. More women in politics can help bring new gender perspectives on decades old thinking. More women in politics will also encourage future female leaders to push themselves and excel in a field that has been largely dominated by men.Gun ownership should be tightly controlled. Though there are a number of responsible gun owners, there is still much concern over gun violence throughout the U.S. Should lawmakers monitor who owns guns and track guns even more so than they do now? How would they do this?

Too much money is a bad thing. There’s a saying that goes, “Money can’t buy happiness.” And considering the increased problems that arise when people have money, this saying certainly appears to hold true. Is money then a bad thing for most people? What are the exceptions where too much money is okay?

People should go to jail when they abandon their pets. Abandoning an animal should be considered a form of animal cruelty. There are a number of alternatives – animal care shelters and adoption agencies – that it seems reasonable that people be punished for leaving their pets behind.

Racial slurs should be illegal. People who convey racial slurs – whether in writing or in speech – should not hide behind the first amendment guaranteeing their freedom of speech since their statements perpetuate hatred and bigotry towards a group of people and cause more harm than good.

Recycling should be mandatory for everyone. There is no denying that increasing population and longer lifespans have put more pressure on the environment – mostly in the form of pollution. We should know that in order to preserve the earth we must increase recycling efforts.

No one should have to pay for internet access. There are countless benefits that have come from the advent of the internet. We can educate ourselves in a number subjects, can conduct business more efficiently, can communicate with virtually anyone in the world and much more. But still there are many people who are deprived of this because they can’t afford it. Should internet be free for everyone?

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