Considering Things Fall Apart Essay Topics And Choosing the One For You

Chinua Achebe’s African novel in English, “Things Fall Apart” was published in 1958. There is a wide variety of topics that can be discussed on the novel, which is the representation of Igbo culture, its people, their livelihood and the society.

Here’s a list of unique topics from which you can select a unique one for your English essay:

  • The symbolism of weather and its role in the novel. Are drought and rain important? How can the weather be an exploration of the spiritual realms of the novel juxtaposed with the physical world? How is weather responsible for the character’s thoughts dwelling in the mind? Can the earth’s reaction be related to the human events?
  • The clan members keep speaking of proverbs and folktales, which abound in animal imagery. How are the animal figures important to suggest the culture of Igbo or the goals of Achebe?
  • At various key moments all through the novel, there are drum beats and also the voice of the town’s crier. How significant is the silence when it occurs in the novel? Is the occurrence a positive one? Is there more than one type of silence? What does the silence imply?
  • Christian Missionaries bring in the Christian culture and way of life at Igbo. A comparative analysis between Igbo culture and Christianity.
  • The novel represents various themes, which can be written down in a paper. Each theme needs to be backed up with specifications from the novel. Some such themes include-
    • The theme of good versus evil
    • Tradition and customs
    • Clash of Culture
  • Okonkwo’s character analysis. Whether he undergoes a transformation or change in his character? If yes, then what is the incident or situation leading to the change?
  • The impact of superstitious beliefs of the Igbo culture and how they are similar to the Christian beliefs? What does it show about the men who do the unmasking in the egwugwu ceremony?
  • Could you relate with the reading of the novel? On which contexts has the book been able to capture your attention, making you feel related and driven in its presentation or narrative elements?

These are some selected topics, which can be the topic in crafting a unique English essay on the novel. You can also write on a more specific topic with supported evidence.

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