10 strong persuasive essay topics for elementary school students

Persuasive essays in elementary schools

A persuasive essay is the kind of essay where you have to convince your readers to your ideas and opinions based on strong facts and logical arguments. You may or may not include your personal opinion or experiences in this essay, but they need to be supported by strong evidence. Usually you have to create three major arguments and then supporting points for each of these arguments. The number of your major arguments, decide the number of body paragraphs in your essay. Students should choose a topic that they can comfortably write about. If you pick a topic that you have no or very little knowledge about then your essay will suffer.

Great ideas for persuasive essay topics for elementary grades

Here are a few topics you can use for your persuasive essay

  1. Homework is not a very delightful process for junior students, all schools should have project based learning that does not involve assigning lengthy home tasks.
  2. Children who help their parents in doing household stuff make great individuals in the society.
  3. The internet and social mediums can cause potential harms to young minds. Posts involving violence, sexual objects and seductive material should have limited access for people over the age of 18.
  4. God has created the universe in a perfect balance. Human beings require oxygen for breathing and plants need carbon dioxide for their survival. This means both of them are dependent on each other to survive.
  5. There is no evidence that anyone has ever stepped on the moon. Is this argument true or false.
  6. Earth may not be the only planet that has life. Are there any evidence and supporting examples that show symptoms of life on other planets that closely resemble the Earth?
  7. A dog is a man’s best friend. What is a cat to humans? Is cat a better pet than a dog?
  8. Children who have separated parents or live in disintegrated families can have behavioral problems when they grow up.
  9. The advent of smartphones has brought many changes in the way humans live, interact, express and share. Are there people you know who do not like using a smartphone?
  10. They say life is not a bed of roses but if you believe in yourself life can be an easy journey and smooth as a bed of roses.

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