Guidelines On How To Write A Proposal For An Essay

A proposal is statement, which serves the purpose of attempting to persuade the reader that this essay is worth the attention. Usually proposals are part of business or economic matters but they are not limited to just this. They are also written for college, scientific fields, as well as other professional interests.

The proposal usually consists of these parts.

  • The introduction
  • Introduction serves as the communicator to the reader of the proposal. This presents the audience a brief introduction as to what the main purpose is of the proposal.

  • Proposal
  • Make sure to make this section as brief as you can. Stick to the point and write nothing apart from the idea that you plan on suggesting. This part of the proposal should reflect your intention towards the paper.

  • The plan of action
  • Mention here how you will achieve the objective you have planned. Convince the party on the other end to agree with you. You have to present a blueprint of what you have in mind and how you plan to achieve it.

  • Desired outcomes
  • Simply mention the goals of your proposal. Does not worry if it seems to be repeated again but its serving a function of bring emphasis? You have to drill this point as much as you can. Mention the benefits it will provide to you and the reader after going through the proposal.

  • Required resources
  • Here mention the components that are needed to complete your proposal. Tangible resources such as computer, paper, money etc. add intangible items as well. Show the audience that you have a thorough understanding of what you are doing. The more emphasis you do on a part the more chances will be clear that your proposal will be passed.

  • Conclusion
  • If you again write down what you wrote in the introduction here again then you will simply annoy the reader. Just simply revise the crux of the proposal. Make sure to make it clear to the reader that accepting your proposal is something they will not regret.

  • Citations
  • If you have quoted or used any source of information then add the information of that source in this part of the proposal.

    If you follow the above mentioned guidelines properly, you are most likely to create a string essay proposal, which will be appreciated by your teacher.

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