This Will Help You Write A MLA Format Essay

Odds are that you have heard of MLA, especially if you have written an essay in any language arts class. The MLA formatting is named for the Modern Language Association, which is responsible for maintaining an orderly formatting style for research-based writing for papers that are about language topics. Like all special formatting styles, the MLA style has particular nuances that are slightly different than other styles. Fortunately, once you have written a paper in one style, you can easily adapt to a different style. When you are assigned a formatting style, like MLA, there are many resources you can use to make the process go smoothly for you. Here are a few tips:

Buy an MLA Style Guide. These are available in most bookstores in the English-speaking world. They are not very expensive and they are usually good for a few years. The biggest changes happened a few years ago when Internet sources and online publishing became popular. Since then, there have not been many changes. Be sure to buy the latest version.

Use a Formatting App. When you write an MLA format essay, you will need to include a bibliography of the sources you used. Fortunately, there are several free online apps that will build the bibliography page for you. Some only require you to enter the URL of the source you used, others will ask for authors, titles, URLs, publication dates, and more. They will create the bibliography entry and alphabetize the list for you. All you will do at the end is copy and paste the entries and format the page.

Find and Use a Sample Paper. When you have a sample, you will have an easier time creating your paper than if you are working without a sample. You will be able to see what the title page and page numbers should look like. You will also be able to see the indentations on the bibliography page and how to include an in-text citation, too. Some instructors will provide their students with a sample paper with the stipulation that students cannot copy the actual paper.

Use an online writing lab that offers MLA assistance. Many of the college writing sites will give plenty of MLA information. Many of these sites, called online writing labs, provide examples as well as hints to make writing with MLA more accessible.

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