Problem Solution Essays: A Treasure Trove of Topic Suggestions

Of all the types of essays in existence, the problem solution variety is perhaps the most self-explanatory. As the name clearly states, this type of essay explains a problem and clearly outlines a solution. Unfortunately for you as a person but fortunately for you as a writer, the world is absolutely filled with problems. If this absolute dearth of material overwhelms you, take a look at the list that follows and see if any of these wonderful topics appeals to you:

  1. How the obesity epidemic worldwide can be halted through taxing food companies
  2. Meditation as method of reducing crime and promoting general wellbeing
  3. How solar and pedal powered vehicles can wean humanity from its addiction to oil and gas
  4. Reducing incidences of body dysmorphic disorder through the mandated use of healthy fashion models
  5. Preventing the revolt by the mechanical underclass by halting the investigation into synthesizing intelligence
  6. Revitalizing the music industry by mandating production companies to list the percentage of vocal manipulation in every song
  7. Eliminating starvation through a mandated vegan diet worldwide
  8. Solving the problem of illegal immigration by creating better living conditions in every country
  9. Promoting STEM subjects by linking them with creative industries
  10. Using calm assertiveness to make new parents better at imparting discipline
  11. Starting over: How space exploration can provide a solution to a planet growing less suited to human life
  12. The power of love: How one emotion can be the panacea to all of the world’s problems
  13. Recycling in architecture: How the reuse of materials in the creation of homes can solve two problems at once
  14. Hypnopedia: Making use of the sleep cycle to make studying more effective
  15. Driverless cars: Using technology to reduce or eliminate vehicular accidents
  16. Epigenetics: Turning on the right genes to live healthier and longer lives
  17. Extra Special K: How the party drug ketamine can be used to cure depression
  18. Photo therapy: How light can be used to treat persistent dermatitis and psoriasis
  19. Intelligent design: a theory to end disputes between creationists and believers in evolution

While there may be no shortage of problems in the world, you may not necessarily have a workable solution to most of them. Focus your energy on the topics that fit best into your knowledge base and you will come up with better essays.

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