Personal Narrative Essay Topics: Where To Get Proven

What are narrative essays

Narrative essays are stories, written on personal experience, in which one narrates his own story, seeing by his own way. The interesting factor about them are, they are organized, clear, make a sense and are very specified and relevant to the topic. They are one’s experience, showing their creativity, writing expression or their point of view for that specific event. These essays include personal essays or biographical writings.

Why students write narrative essays

Students write narrative essays to enhance their creativity and writing skills. Teachers guide the students to write effectively and professionally. They not only give you a sense of writing creatively but also helpful in expressing yourself.

Are narrative essay topics easy to find

Narrative essays are excessively easy to find as one has to share his personal experience and everybody has his own story or has experienced a lot in his life. One should start from writing his day-to-day experience. What was the most interesting thing that one experienced the whole day? What were his feelings on some special occasion like a birthday, wedding, or a funeral? These are easy to write on as you stay focused on your topic and express what you felt or saw.

Where to look for narrative essay topic

Narrative essay is a vast topic and can be found in any library. If you have a good, collection of books or any of your friends is having a huge collection of books, he would surely be having a dozen of books in this context. In addition, if you find any collection of grammar and literature books, then you could easily get the desired topics.

Search on the internet

The most convenient way is to search on net.

Use a site that you have already had a good experience with

Word of mouth

You can take help from your social circle, asking from people their events and experiences, you can write a lot.

Brainstorm for unique topics

20 easy topics are listed below

  1. Caged Birds (People)
  2. Memorable events, wedding and parties
  3. First day at school, college
  4. House on fire
  5. Horrible night
  6. Disastrous view
  7. Flood and flood victims
  8. Your fair well at job, school, or college
  9. A welcome party
  10. Terrible journey
  11. Road accident
  12. Historic visit
  13. An event that changed your life
  14. First time you felt love for your parents
  15. An incredible discovery
  16. A childhood experience
  17. An earthquake
  18. A visit to a hill station
  19. A visit to a museum
  20. A visit to a hospital

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