Complete Instructions For Writing An Academic Essay

In order to effectively, write an academic essay, you will need to fashion a coherent set of ideas into an argument. There are several tips that you can use to ensure that your essays wins you high marks. Here are a few of them.

Choose a topic

It can be easier to go through this step if you already have a topic for your essay. However, when given an open-ended essay, you will need to choose a topic. Be sure to pick one where you know that you will have plenty of legitimate sources to research on.

Write a thesis

A thesis is necessary in an academic essay after every introduction. The aim of this statement is to highlight the point that you want to make in the essay. For instance, you can use the action of a certain literary character to show that he is insane and the role of your essay is to expound on this.

Create an outline

An outline consists of a list of points, which you intend to make in your essay. You should write the points in the order that they make sense. When you already have your thoughts priory organized, it will be easier for you to write the essay in an easy and quick way as you will already have a direction in which you expect the essay to move.

First draft

The first draft of the essay will also be necessary. This is different from the final product and therefore, you should not treat it as such. Note down the ideas that come to your mind after creating the outline. You do not need to mind if the draft fails to meet the required length.

Create paragraphs

You should ensure that every point in your outline has its own paragraph. Each of these paragraphs should have a minimum of three sentences.

Have a pattern

Ensure that your essay has a pattern, which should start by making a claim. The claim should be followed by evidence and then impact. The claim should be a statement which should be supported by evidence such as quotation or a reference This should act as the essay’s content. The impact will then be the claim in the paragraph that follows.

Have a second draft

Ensure that paragraphs that don’t contain much information art beefed up. You may need to carry out additional research to complete this step. Use transitional sentences to help the reader transit from one paragraph to the other.

Create final draft

Create your essay’s final draft. Ensure that this is in correct format. Proofread it to correct any grammatical and spelling mistakes.

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