Successful Career Women Neglect Their Families

There was a time when all women stayed at home with their children to ensure that they got their full attention and all the love and care they needed. Times change though and now things aren’t so simple. Now, a lot of mothers work outside of the home instead of inside the home. They have their own careers and their own lives outside of their families. Because of this, the question has become, is that was it is best for the child?

Some experts say that mothers who work outside of the home are actually more devoted to their children when they get home and they appreciate the time spent with them more than mothers who stay home do. It is also said that getting fulfillment from a career gives a women a happiness and sense of purpose that they bring home to their children which makes them better mothers. You do have to be happy to be a good mother, and for some that means a career. Some say it even teaches their female children that they can be a useful member of society as well.

There are still the successful career women with children that do not enjoy their jobs. They do it simply to help put food on the table and to keep paying the bills. These mothers are probably the worst group as far as the influence on the children. Now, not only is she not home to be with her children and teach them all of the life lessons that they can’t learn in school, but also they are unhappy when they do come home to their kids. That can’t be a good environment for children to grow up in at all.

A lot of people think that mothers who do stay home with their children are better off than working mothers’ kids are. Many consider the simple fact that the economy and crime rates were better when mothers didn’t work as proof that children do better at work and in life with a stay at home mom. Things were more stable back then and the husband’s paycheck was enough to pay for everyone’s needs.

The truth is that every situation is different but there is proof for and against mothers in the workplace. We cant be sure what is best for the child because of the conflict in the evidence that we see from those two different circumstances. Life did seem a lot calmer and more stable when mothers stayed home though.


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