How To Write A Nursing School Entrance Essay From Scratch

If you are interested in the field of nursing, your entrance essay should reflect your passion for it. The paper you write in order to be selected for it should not only come from the heart but should be exceptional and convincing enough to get you into the school of your choice. Remember the following tips to help you compose a paper that will be honest and unique.

Tips on writing an entrance essay for nursing school

  • Firstly, your aim for the paper should be to make it attractive. This will need some hard work and research on your part so that the admissions board doesn’t assume that you’ve simply submitted a cookie-cutter piece of writing inspired by samples available on the internet. It is helpful to write down advice and pointers from others who have written similar papers and try and incorporate them, but make sure not to make your work look exactly the same as others. This is best achieved by writing your work without referencing other papers, but simply your own notes and pointers.
  • As mentioned before, the primary function of this paper is going to be to reflect just how passionate you are about nursing as a profession. You can write about the reasons why you got interested in this field, your prior experience in nursing if any (this is a good-to-have) or even anecdotes from your personal experiences that inspired you to consider this profession, and lastly a small section about your future goals once you have successfully graduated from the school. All these points need to be well framed and thought about and should ideally be researched so that the claims that you make are genuine and honest, derived from facts.
  • Writing in a clear and strong voice is also helpful and reflective of your personality that is essential in this line of work.
  • Framing your essay correctly also helps in making your work look polished and well thought out. Be sure to include a strong introduction in the beginning and a conclusion in the end. Sticking to the word-limit also provided creates a good impression.

The reason why an entrance essay is important is because the admissions board tries to judge who you are from it. This is the reason why your paper should reflect your life experiences, passion for this career and your personality well.

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