A List Of Fifteen Great Process Analysis Essay Topics To Choose From

Process analysis is not as complicated or as convoluted as it at first sounds. In fact, while clearly we don’t set about writing it down in detail each and every day, we do however still all go through a form of process analysis on a daily basis. Think about it:

  • If you are teacher you will walk your students through their set tasks, breaking it down step by step to facilitate their understanding
  • If you are a parent you will take your child through routine daily tasks like how to brush their teeth properly, or how to safely ride a bike. You wouldn’t just hand a child a bicycle and let them get on with it. You use a form of process analysis to walk them through it.
  • Even students do it. Have you never told someone in detail how to get from A to B?

Ha, I sense a lightbulb moment coming on! However, in case you are still a little unsure here is my list of fifteen great process analysis essay topics to choose from

  1. How to annoy someone so much that they unfriend you on Facebook. You could also apply this to Twitter or any other social network of your choice.
  2. How to get a pay rise without even asking. You could also flip this so that it becomes how to get a pay cut without even trying
  3. How to bake a birthday cake/Christmas cake/cupcakes/brownies – whatever takes your fancy.
  4. How to plan a wedding with just $1000
  5. How to gain access to the post Oscars parties by pretending that you are a celebrity
  6. How to read a book/watch a television program
  7. How to apply makeup/lip gloss/eyeshadow/blush
  8. How to dispose of unwanted gifts without causing offence OR How to choose a gift that someone
  9. How to survive a bachelor party without spending a night in the cells
  10. How to ride a horse for the very first time
  11. How to show someone that you love them
  12. How to tie your hair into a plait/pony tail/bunches
  13. How to tie your shoe laces/untie your laces when they are knotted
  14. How to duck out of a party without offending the host or hostess
  15. How to sing a song when you have lost your voice

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