10 Helpful Hints For Composing A Short Essay About Happiness In Life

The pursuit of happiness can be considered mandatory for every living species. As a result of the importance of this venture, throughout the history of society, we have invented many clever ways of improving our daily lives and the things we enjoy.

There are many angles from which one can approach this topic just as there are many different things that different people will consider necessary for a happy life. In the following ten points, I will outline several things that I believe should be included in any essay about the pursuit of happiness in life:

  1. What is the simplest definition of happiness?
  2. In most cases, it is not possible to obtain a scientific definition of an emotion, do your best to provide one here.

  3. Why would a person want to attain happiness
  4. What is the driving force that makes people work so hard and long at the things they do for the reasons they choose to do them?

  5. Can a person attain true happiness in one lifetime?
  6. Based on the evidence, is the world equipped with all that is necessary for a person to attain happiness?

  7. Is the attainment of happiness possible or likely for everyone?
  8. Through observing persons that live in similar locations, from similar back grounds, how likely is it that any average person will attain true happiness tin their lifetime?

  9. Should we strive for the safer, more attainable middle ground instead?
  10. One major route to happiness is through the acquisition of money, is it smarter to obtain a safe, easy job and live moderately happy, or should one dedicate all of their being to chasing that high paying job they may never attain?

  11. What are the common features of happiness that can be seen in most people?
  12. Many people don’t know what they require for happiness, what does this seem like to you?

  13. What factors can affect a person’s happiness?
  14. We live in an ever changing environment, how can natural events affect happiness?

  15. When does futility set in?
  16. Do many people give up in their pursuit for happiness? When and why?

  17. Can it be said that all persons understand what is required for them to be happy?
  18. Interview a few people to see if they can say with conviction what they consider will make them happy.

  19. What is your opinion about happiness in life?
  20. Your personal opinion on happiness should be quite interesting now that you have a much better understanding of this topic.

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